BEBE by Todos Organics: Lavender/Chamomile Infused Organic Coconut Oil for hair, face, body


Our most skin supporting blend yet. Every house needs a jar of this! Can be used for all the normal things you would use coconut oil for, PLUS an incredible edition to your natural first aid kit. Lavender and Chamomile are soothing and gentle enough for delicate baby skin, or  use for mama’s belly to prevent and help heal stretch marks.

This oil was created with a 6+ week “warm infusion” technique that keeps the coconut oil liquid (raw, unprocessed coconut oil is naturally a solid until about 76 degrees, then it melts). We heated it just enough to remain in its liquid state, and packed in large amounts of botanical matter. These botanicals impart a subtle fragrance, and some beneficial properties as well during their long soak. Then the oil is slightly filtered (some botanicals parts may remain in your oil) and are promptly packaged in recyclable glass jars.

Coconut oil naturally has a long shelf life, your oil will be fresh for at least 18 months, but do try to keep it cool and away from moisture (don’t get water inside it).

Why Todos Organics Botanically Infused Coconut Oil?
All our products are all carefully produced & packaged under the FDA’s suggested GMP (good manufacturing process) guidelines in our lovely Berkeley CA studio. We make everything in small-batches, hecho a mano (by hand). We choose our raw materials very selectively and only use certified organic ingredients. One ingredient we’re particularly smitten with is our coconut oil- it comes from Colima, MX and is the only coconut oil certified USDA organic AND MX Biocert. Each batch of our Botanically Infused Coconut Oil is warm infused for up to 8 weeks in 5-10 gallon batches. Never heated above 85 degrees, heaps of dried whole-plant material soaks in the luscious oils, imparting their subtle fragrance and beneficial properties. Nothing, no chemicals, no preservatives, no essential oils, not nada, is ever added to them.

Can I eat it?
If you can’t put it in your body, you really shouldn’t put it on your body, so yes, of course you can eat it!


*Please Note- recommended for external use only, and not intended for use on broken skin. Please patch test first and discontinue use if irritation occurs.


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