We love to partner with talented artists and makers who create products of superior quality and originality, and whose pieces fit the overall aesthetic in our store: modern, stylish and polished with a fun/playful and colorful appeal. If you liked the sound of what we’re about and think that your work is up our alley, hooray! Please have a read through this page — especially the Before You Apply section below — for more information and how to apply.

How it Works

We work with independent artists, crafters and designers on a 50/50 consignment basis, with no additional fees. In return for letting us carry your work, we pledge to:

  • Do our best to effectively display and sell your products in our store.
  • Take excellent care of your inventory and your consignment account/records.
  • Send payment for every month in which there’s sales activity for your account.
  • Proactively provide status reports on your product sales.
  • Communicate customer questions, requests and/or feedback about your products.
  • Take special and/or custom orders for your products.
  • Market and promote your business and your work on our website, social media networks, and in our store.

If you’ve never consigned before, here are some reasons to consider it! Consigning with a retail boutique allows you to:

  • Expand your sales channels beyond e-commerce and craft shows.
  • Get exposure to or increase your presence in retail shops (and grow that Where to Buy page on your website).
  • Get a feel for what products/price points sell most.
  • Test out new products.

Products We’re Interested In

Mischief offers products with price points ranging between $1.00 and $150, with the majority of items between $10 and $40. Since our model is to promote individual artists’ businesses, we retail products at the same prices that you list them at on your Website/Etsy/etc and other retail environments (i.e. no markup), so that we aren’t competing with each other.

Currently, we’re especially interested in items for men, children, and babies, as well as home organization, decor, and textile products- and of course, we always love some good Oakland-centric pieces!

We invite you to look at our Instagram page to get a preview of all the amazing products we’re lucky enough to carry!

Before You Apply…

Before we dive into how to apply, we ask that you please:

  • Keep in mind that, because of our collaborative model and efforts we put forth to promote your shops, we will retail your products at the same prices that you list them for in your Etsy/Storenvy/etc shop and other retail environments. This means that if you sell an item on your website or in another boutique for $20, we will also sell that item for $20.
  • Be able to replenish items in a timely manner (within 1-2 weeks) when requested.
  • Promise that we can still be friends if we don’t accept your application at this time. We simply want to ensure that the products we carry represent a cohesive and well-distributed reflection of Mischief’s overall aesthetic and atmosphere and, of course, our target customers. Another factor that weighs heavily for us is if we already have too many products in your category… In other words, it’s not you — it’s us!

Thank you for your understanding!


Ready to Apply?