Hypertufa Planters – October 26

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Sunday, August 25th, 2019

Gardeners and plant-lovers unite! We’ll be making beautiful garden containers that will last for years in this fun, Hypertufa Planter class! Hypertufa has an ancient, hand-hewn quality to it, and ages very gracefully- collecting a patina of mosses and lichens. Hypertufa is a porous, man-made stone, that is very porous, making it a perfect material for creating planters! This is a versatile and strong material that you can mold into your desired shape. Hypertufa planters make the perfect home for plants that you might find nestled into crevices in an alpine rock garden, such as succulents, mosses and even tiny evergreens.

What is hypertufa?
The term “hypertufa” refers to a type of man-made rock, and is a combination of the words “tufa,” a natural volcanic rock, and “hyper,” a prefix meaning excessively or extremely; hypertufa are extremely rock-like containers.

Dress to get messy!
Working with hypertufa is a messy endeavor, but those of us who reminisce about the pleasures of making mud pies will appreciate this opportunity to indulge in a childhood pastime while creating a custom planter with an instantly antique character. Come ready to get dirty and create a piece that is as beautiful as it is functional!

In this class, you’ll learn:

  • The basic recipe to mix hypertufa
  • Different techniques to create texture and patterns. 
  • How to add different materials to your creation such as shells, cloth, beads, and more!

You’ll leave the class with:

  • The recipe for hypertufa, and instructions on how to cure your planters when you get home.
  • At least 2 to 3 planters.
  • Some soil and succulent cuttings

About the teacher
Amalie Hazelton is a local artist and life-long maker. Amalie has taught a variety of arts and craft classes around the Bay Area over the years, and if you’ve been in the shop recently, you may have seen her hypertufa planters that we carry. She loves the ancient/artifactual look and feel of hypertufa, as well as it’s unpredictability, and it’s versatility in shape and size.

All Materials Included
Students will receive everything they need to complete the project, including succulents to take home and plant your new pots!

Students get 10% off in-store!
Had your eye on something in the shop? Students get 10% all items in the store on the day of the class!

Register in advance to save $10!
Sign up by October 20th to save $10 on the class! Plus, advance registration helps our teacher prepare, and also helps prevent class cancelation. This class needs at least 5 students enrolled to run- if we don’t get enough sign ups, the class may be canceled and 100% of your class fees refunded (unless you’d rather apply your payment towards another class). In the event of class cancelation, we’ll give you at least 36 hours notice. Thanks for understanding!

Save even more when you sign up with a friend!
Want to come with your mom or a friend? Save an additional $10 each when you purchase multiple tickets in advance! Just use discount code hyper2fa when you checkout!
One Ticket: $65
Two+ Tickets: $55 each
*Prices go up $10 after October 20th, so don’t wait!

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