Watercolor Fundamentals: Nature – June 5

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May 15th – June 5th
fromĀ 6 – 8:30pm

The creative bug is calling… why not start a practice in watercolors? This workshop is perfect for those who would like to get a basic understanding of the medium, as well as those who have experience with watercolors and would like to hone their skills. This workshop will focus on the practical use of watercolor while painting items from nature.



About the instructor:
The course will be led by Danny Neece, who is a local illustratorĀ and watercolor enthusiast. He is an alum from the California College of the Arts and also instructs watercolor painting courses at the Berkeley Art Studio. This will be an engaging workshop that will boost your ability as a painter.

All Materials Included!

Age Group
Ages 15+

Small Class Size
Enrollment is limited to 10 students at most per session, so register while there’s still room!

All levels welcome.
Are you a beginner? Join us! More advanced? No problem- Danny would love to help you refine your technique!

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